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Featured Horse
In need of sponsorship

NEER North

Petey is a new arrival to NEER North. An owner surrender who arrived in terrible condition, extremely underweight and in need farrier care to get his overgrown feet back to normal. He is a Paint that is said to be a nice trail horse. Rehabilitation and evaluation will let us know if that is true. Petey appears sound. Petey would love some sponsors to help with his rehabilitation. No amount is too small. Visit www.neernorth.org for full pictures of Petey and ways you can help. You can also see more horses in need of sponsors. Thank you!



Featured Horse
Available for adoption

NEER North

Ebony is a POA pony mare in her late teens - early twenties. She is safe to ride, not spooky, crossties well, good for vet and farrier, loads well, utd, and is a super easy keeper. Ebony does have a crabby side when eating and will threaten to bite. Ebony would do best in an experienced home where children would be supervised around her until she learns her routine. Would make a nice w-t, lead-line, trail, or companion pony. Ebony's adoption fee is 300.00 more pictures and other available horses at www.neernorth.org

Equine rescues and shelters interested in submitting a Featured Horse available for adoption, please e-mail louisa@equinesite.com This is a free service for registered non-profits.


Adoption Story

Adopted from

Remington was adopted through SHHR in 2001.  We adopted him before ever seeing him.  He was a PMU foal, born on a large farm in Canada as a byproduct.  Hundreds of mares were bred, so that a hormone could be collected from their urine.  The foals were generally taken to auction or slaughter once the summer was over, and Gina Brown of Spring Hill Horse Rescue wasn't going to let that happen.  These were beautiful, healthy babies.  2001 was SHHR's second PMU rescue, and they wanted to save as many foals as possible.  Due to pre-adoptions and lots of hard work, they were able to save over 90 foals!  Remington was one of them.  Sadly, the other half of the foals on the farm were sold for meat.

Remington was only 4 months when we adopted him.  Meeting him was so exciting. 

Now, he's 12 years old!  He's still just a big baby.  He is about the most playful horse I have ever met.  Remington is smart, healthy and loves people.  He'll be mine forever :) 


Have you adopted a horse, pony or foal?   If so, we'd like to hear from you. Please send photo and 3-4 paragraphs to louisa@equinesite.com


Rehabilitation Story #1

Prince Fluffy Kareem (rescue), Cairo, Egypt

Skippy, our resident tail-eater, was quite a "fat" rescue compared to many others, and we thought he would put on weight very quickly. However, the first months he was here he barely ate anything but chaff and hay, probably due to ulcers, and thus got a nice gut but not much muscle. Now however he is coming along very nicely!

About Us: Prince Fluffy Kareem is the name of a cheeky grey stallion with an affinity for food and cute mares. Having grown up in the shadows of the pyramids in Cairo, Kareem spent his life working as a pyramid horse, taking foreign tourists and locals for rides around the pyramids and the surrounding desert. Little did he know that he would one day become the symbol of the Pyramid horses’ difficult lives, have his own Facebook page with more than 20 000 followers and be loved by “fluffeteers” all over the world. ​

​Marte from Norway first met Kareem in June 2011, he was severely emaciated and dehydrated and suffered from babesiosis (equine malaria). It was love at first sight, and that same day Kareem was brought to the stable where Egyptian stable manager Sherif had been taking care of Marte’s first rescue mare, bought one month earlier. Two days later, a British woman made a Facebook page for Kareem to follow his progress. Nobody expected how big it would become.

The Facebook page attracted many horse enthusiasts due to the horrendous condition Kareem was in, and many wrote asking how to donate money. The donations enabled the team to buy supplies to go around to neighbouring stables to clean saddle sores, and to do the first Saddle Pad project, producing saddle pads for local horse owners.
1.5 years later, Marte and Sherif run the PFK stable with 13 horses, of which 11 are rescues. Together with Hungarian Sofia, as well as Emma Thompson (the “UK office”) and Sue Foley (the “Australian office”) they run what is now known as “PFK” (Prince Fluffy Kareem). In addition to stabling rescues, PFK foster other working horses that need rest and treatment for various issues, run clinics where local horse owners bring their horses for treatment and have made three editions of custom made saddle pads for the horses with horrendous saddle sores. ​

They have organized “The Fluffy Feet Farrier Project” where Australian vet and farrier Dr. Jude Mulholland visited to train local farriers and teach about laminitis, as well as “the Fluffy Tooth Fairy Project”, where Australian equine dentist James Sheppard came to train Sherif in equine dentistry.

On the schedule for the next months are another visit from Dr. Jude, a neuter-and-spay project for the area’s stable cats as well as continuing the frequent clinics. ​

To follow our daily activities, please join our Facebook page www.facebook.com/princefluffykareem


Rehabilitation Story #2

Full Cup of Tea
NEER North

Full Cup of Tea, a Thoroughbred that raced at Suffolk Downs, then sold to a lesson barn as a 5 year old some how ended up in a broker lot in terrible condition. NEER North took her in and after 9 months of rehabilitation which included healing an abcess that broke through her hoof, recovery from a horrible case of strangles, weight gain, fitness and training. Many vet bills later when she fully recovered she was adopted into a new home that plans on doing the hunters with her. The before and after photo here says it all.  Please visit www.neernorth.org for more success stories.



The following are links to laws and proposed laws concerning the welfare of horses.  

Equine Protection Network:  State Transport Laws  for:  CT   MA (scroll down the page)  NY   VT


Net Posse: Horse theft education begins here.

Vets For Equine Welfare: useful resource for all animal health professionals and horse owners



Join Declan Gregg and his Children's Letter Writing Campaign: http://www.children4horses.blogspot.com/



Do you have a petition pertaining to horse welfare or slaughter that you would like to share?  Click to suggest a petition.

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