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Bulletin Board

This board requires a username and password which you can select in the "Register" section of the BB. Classifieds accounts do not work on the Bulletin Board. ONE BB ACCOUNT PER PERSON.

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WELCOME TO THE BB, the place for horse-related discussions. 
By posting on the BB, you are agreeing to abide by the TERMS OF USE below.

Attention: Events are no longer allowed on the BB.  
As always, they may be posted for FREE on our SHOW SCHEDULE.  There are categories for clinics, trail rides, demos and more, with search features!  If you want to advertise your event on the BB with a banner ad, please contact us: 603-497-5849.  Thanks!


1) NO ADVERTISING!!!!  What is advertising?  Selling a product or service or any post that promotes your product or service. Please note that no one may post their website address in posts or signature lines.  If you offer a service or product that someone is looking for, you may respond and have them contact you for more information, but DO NOT post your business name, website or pricing. Events are no longer allowed on the BB.  They may be posted for free and with website, etc. on the SHOW SCHEDULE.  We also have CLASSIFIEDS for those who want to advertise something.  Most categories are free!  We also offer Banner Advertising.  Anyone who wants to advertise to the Bulletin Board can do so by becoming a BB Sponsor.

2) Registered non-profit rescues may still post about their fund-raising events and may include their website address to their non-profit site.  We ask that these posts stay in the Rescue section. Non-profit posts may NOT link to any for-profit business, even if that business is a sponsor or donates a portion of their income, etc.

3) No bashing any business or person on this BB.  That means no negative discussion about them, name calling or gossip that could be harmful.  This is strictly enforced, so don't even bother trying to argue it.  We are not in the business of deciding which negative info is fact, fiction or opinion.  It's not welcome here.

4) The Bulletin Board is the place to go for questions and answers, or to exchange ideas and your own horse experiences with those in the New England Horse Community. Please refrain from hot non-horse-related topics such as politics and religion. There are other places for such discussions.

5) Posts containing inappropriate content will be removed at our discretion.  We ask all members to report violations confidentially by emailing equinesitebb@equinesite.com  This board is not monitored 24/7.

We support a family-friendly internet and safety for all children.  We join many US broadcasters in issuing this warning:  Possession, distribution, manufacturing or receipt of child pornography is illegal under federal law and violators are subject to imprisonment and fines.  If you know of anyone engaging in such activity, please report them to the local FBI office or US Customs Service. 
Keep kids safe!  Please visit

Important disclaimer: EquineSite.com does not recommend nor endorse any of the businesses listed in its directory, nor contributors to its website, nor affiliated/linked sites.  We simply provide information to horse owners and riders.  We encourage all to seek references or referrals when making important decisions regarding their horse's care & training.  EquineSite.com also cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of the business listings in this site, but we do endeavor to maintain up-to-date information. Please notify us of any corrections, or if you wish to remove a listing, by emailing us at: info@equinesite.com Registration on our sites will result in your being added to our mailing list that will not be shared or sold with anyone, and you may unsubscribe at any time.  Happy riding to all!

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